We offer professional services for arranging time charter employment for various new building ships as well as for existing ships, in close cooperation with Mitsui & Co.,Ltd’s global network.

We also provide continuous and close support in post-fixture operations.

The chartering and broking business provides a wide range of chartering services to leading shipping companies from around the globe, which is based on longstanding relationships with some seventy prominent Japanese and foreign ship owners. We have access to a wide range of ships, from bulk carriers to tankers, container ships, and refrigerated cargo carriers, and our team of highly-experienced experts delivers high-quality services under a system that enables us to address all ocean-going ship needs. Making use of our strong overseas network, Orient Marine offers a range of solutions that is designed to meet all our clients’ needs. These services include the long term chartering of new ships in cooperation with Integrated Transportation Systems Business Unit of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and the short-mid term chartering for domestic and foreign shipping companies. We have also enhanced post-fixture service to ship owners and charterers, which is one of the most significant features of Orient Marine and distinguishes us from similar entities. We have a group of experienced and knowledgeable staff to support day-to-day operations and provide solutions to any kinds of issues.

Sales and Purchase of Secondhand Ships

Backed by a global network and our accumulated expertise, we offer to our clients high quality services that make us Japan’s leading broker for secondhand ships over the years.

The sales and purchase of secondhand ships business provides broking services making special efforts to domestic shipowners selling their ships to overseas shipowners. Global network and information collecting ability of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and the partnership with overseas brokers enable us to handle all types of ships including bulk carriers, tankers and container ships. We consistently keep the status as one of the leaders in the Japanese market, which leads to win the confidence of shipowners worldwide. On top of sales performance of 30-50 secondhand ships a year, organic linkage with our newbuilding ship business/chartering business effects a smooth operation and earning customer’s trust. Maintaining close contact with both domestic and overseas shipowners and brokers, we provide customers newest market information and help assess the market fluctuations, ultimately bringing ship buyers and sellers to a successful conclusion.

Shipbuilding Supervision

Our team of engineers and marine transport specialists can address a wide range of needs, from supervisory services and proposals on hull design to new shipbuilding planning.

The shipbuilding supervision business provides a wide range of services: proposals on hull design based on logistics needs and trends in the market, development of plans for new ships and decisions on spec, drawings approval, negotiations with shipyards and the preparation of contracts. To date, we have supervised the construction of around 100 ships, earning us the trust of ship owners and ship yards throughout the world. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to put forward plans for new shipbuilding based on the variety of experience and achievements that Orient Marine has accumulated over the years in finding solutions executing ship management of various ships owned by Japanese shipowners. We are confident in stating that we produce ships with high added value. We offer services for, among others, bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, LNG carriers and offshore structure. Through the effective assimilation of the expertise accumulated by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and the results and experience we have garnered through our involvement in chartering and sale and purchase broking business, we constantly endeavor to enhance the value and reliability of our services.

Ship Management

We support your ship management by full use of our abundant experience of ship broking business.

OMC Shipping, established by succeeding our former branch in Singapore, supports your ship management, and we, as a brother company, co-work with this by making full use of our superintendent team of highly-experienced engineering and ship management professionals. In addition to Mitsui & Co.,Ltd’s global network and it’s wide experience in shipping industry, as Mitsui group, we support your ship’s safe navigation.

Sales of Ship Machinery & Equipment

Building on the strength of our accumulated know-how in close-tie with Mitsui & Co., Ltd., we provide professional services in the field of ship machinery & equipment sales and contribute to further development of the international shipping, shipbuilding and ship machinery & equipment industries.

Our Ship Machinery Sales Dept. has accomplished considerable sales of ship machinery & equipment related to new building ships for ship owners and shipbuilders which Mitsui & Co., Ltd. deals with. With our deep know-how accumulated through long experience, we provide professional services and the best solutions to our clients’ needs for ship machinery & equipment. Our main dealing products are diesel engines, main turbines & main boilers for LNG carriers, diesel generators, deck cranes, deck machinery, propellers, and navigation equipment as well as the fuel oil fine filter “Fuji Jet Filter”, which is highly appreciated in the markets and has about a 60% share of the Japanese market.